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Following massive and life changing surgery the grant I received from FACT was a considerable help to my recovery. I was enabled to contribute to the costs of domestic
help after my time in hospital, and, a little later, to take some recuperative time at a
fully-catered centre which was able to meet my particular needs. The generosity of
the grant certainly helped my return to health, and for this I am very grateful.

Margaret, Lincoln.

Illness hits you like a bolt from the blue and, with an uncertain future, spending money
on anything but the bare essentials is out of the question.  The FACT enabled me to have
a break after a major operation when I would otherwise have had to sit alone at home. 
It gave me something to look forward to while I was recovering.  The application was
easy - just a simple form to complete and my GP approved it without hesitation.

Brenda is 44 and lives in Lincoln. 
She suffered from breast cancer.